Train With Me and Get the Guidance You Need to Build Your Own Ideal Body and Changing Your Lifestyle!

Imagine what it would feel like to...

  • Look in the mirror and and be in love with your own body. 

  • Going out with family and friends in a body you feel confident in. 

  • Have enough energy to keep up with your kids. 

  • Be a beacon of health and a great role model to your family. 

  • Have less stress, better sleep and clearer thinking. ​


Now imagine what it would be like to accomplish those things with proper guidance from an experienced coach.


The reality is, you can have a great looking body all year round and incredible health by investing a small amount of your time each day. 


That's why you're going to love Better Body Project Bootcamp and Online Circle that promises Quick And Noticeable Results!


Introducing Better Body Project Reboot, a fitness program that tones your body, strip away unwanted fat, restores your confidence and set you up for a long term sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

Do you want to feel super confident in any occasion?

Give me just 30-minutes per day, only four times per week minimum. You'll be absolutely thrilled at how fast your health and your body transforms. 

Are you ready to drop a dress size or two, and do away with fad diets that don't work? 

Our nutrition coaching goes hand in hand with our powerful fat burning workouts, so you see results much quicker. 


With the Better Body Project Fitness Program, you'll get everything you need for sustainable results. Proven workouts, nutrition coaching, accountability, goal setting, progress tracking and more. 


You'll also have access to the private Facebook community where you can virtually meet and chill with like-minded people who share the same goals. 

Better Body Project Reboot Gets You Lean And Healthy - FAST!


This program works for all levels of fitness, from extreme beginners to advance. Even if weight loss isn't your goal, it will tone you up, keep you fit and turn you into a clean eating fat burning machine. 


If you give yourself just 30 minutes per day, three times per week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday), I can give you better looking body and improved health and a whole lot of confidence!

The Better Body Project OnlineCircle is incredibly easy to follow, and you can work at your own pace. All you have to do is show up for 30 minutes each day and we'll do the rest. It's that easy. 

Get started now in 3 easy steps!

  1. Select your plan and register. We will add you in our private Facebook community.

  2. Watch the welcome video. I will explain how the programme works.

  3. Complete your first workout. Together we will complete a 30 minute workout with guided videos plus an optional weekend challenges if you're up for it!

With Better Body Project Reboot, You'll Get:

  • The same proven workout formulas that RM200/hour celebrity trainers use to get their clients amazing results.

  • The full package (fitness, nutrition, coaching, accountability, community) that guarantees results, if you do the work. 

  • Instant access to all written training plans and videos, so you can catch up with any workouts you miss. 

  • Email and phone support so it’s practically impossible for you to fail. 

Better Body Project Reboot Is A Bargain For Everyone!


If you had to pay an online personal trainer to put you through a similar training programme, it wound cost you at least RM200 per month or more. And you wouldn't have access to an amazing community of like-minded people.

Here's what people are saying about Better Body Project:


"Sincerely speaking over the years, Kak Wan banyak gain lots of knowledge under Coach Fina. How to eat healthy, how to stay happy, how to do workout even though busy dengan kerja, how to enjoy life while killing my ‘evil fats’. No word can explain how thankful and grateful i am to know you and to be able to learnt all the good things from you.. thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart." - Kak Wan.

"For the umpteenth time: Thank you Coach & Yati for the guidance, teachings and great photos (making me look better than I am). Above all, thank you to all for your camaraderie, spirit & friendship. As I was just saying to coach yesterday.. she trained an awesome bunch of ladies!" - Laily Hamzah.

"I'm thankful to have joined your training programme. All this while other trainers keep pushing their slimming products and supplements when I joined their fitness programmes. But you really guided me to change my eating habits and do the exercises correctly and effectively. I'm slowly improving!" - Fatin Athirah. 

Better Body Project Reboot starts from RM149/month!

Because this programme is brand new, I'm making it available at this special introductory rate for a limited time, so join today and lock in this promo price before the rate goes up! 


Hi, my name is Shafina Bazilah and I'm a Certified Fitness and Metafit Instructor.


I used my qualification to open my first bootcamp in November 2017 called "Better Body Project", a fat loss program for ladies to help them get into their best shape and ideal weight.


My unique training approach disguised as fun has allowed me to grow the group training programme that has helped close to 100 members in one centralized location at KLCC Park.

With the current pandemic almost paralysing the whole world, it's time to adapt to the new normal and make my fitness program available both offline and online.

Join me and the rest of the community to shred fat at home with Better Body Project Reboot!